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We work with small to medium sized business looking to attract more customers online.

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Plastic Hallway

Digital Marketing & Web Design Agency

We help businesses cultivate and expand their audience, whether through refreshing an existing brand or creating and new one. We build engaging websites that encourage social interaction and focus on converting visitors into paying customers.

Do you worry about where your next sale will come from? Or When?

What if you had a website that generated a steady stream of qualified leads and drove more sales, allowing you more time to focus on the core of your business instead of worrying about where your next customer is coming from?

This would free up time and resources to finally expand your business; launch a new product or service and stop worrying about your financials.

When you think about what is at stake, it’s worth taking a serious look at how an integrated marketing strategy can hep your business grow and succeed!

Our Services

Web Design & Development

A website is more than just a a place to display pretty pictures and info about your company. It should be at the core of your sales funnel. If your visitors are not clicking on the links you want them to click on then it's failing to do it's job!

We build dynamic websites with a focus on conversions. This is done through creating an inturitive user interface, with strong call-to-actions.

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is not posting to facebook and looking for likes. It is a multi-faceted approach to increasing awarness and sales online.

We focus on your website and branch out from there. Not only do we create a marketing plan, but we build bespoke web apps to increase traffic and conversions.

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E-commerce Solutions

Whether you are looking to refresh an existing store or looking to launch a new one. We can help you choose the right solution for your business and create a great user experience for your customers, while driven sale. We are Shopify Partners and have experience in everything from marketing campaign management to full site builds.

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Crowdfunding has become bery popular in recent years, aloowing people the opportinity to finance their project where it might otherwise not have been possible. Unfortunately for every successful project we hear about there are many that fail to get off the ground. We have found that this is mostly due to poor planning and if set up correctliy should have been successful

We work can help you tailor your campaign to suit your needs maximising exposure and returns.

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Tim Cullen
Tim Cullen
The Hot Sprockets

Plastic Hallway were so easy to work with; so patient with customizing the website to suit us, and always met the deadlines we had to meet. They also aided and assisted us with how to promote ourselves properly through our website, something which we had no clue of before. They were the perfect match for us at a time when we needed it most

Robert Nowlan
Robert Nowlan
Ryan Nowlan Consultants

Plastic Hallway redesigned my website in 2013, I found them to be excellent to deal with and was very happy with the website that he created for my company. I would have not hesitation in recommending them for other jobs.


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