Plastic Hallway Provided

  • Responsive Design
  • Content Management System
  • Interactive google Map
  • Streamlined Navigation
  • Custom Contact Form
  • Parralax Design


I had an unconventional wedding and wanted to stay clear of all the traditional elements that come with weddings. Working in web gave me to opportunity to do something different for my invite.


Create a website that would not only set the tone for the wedding but would simplify and automate the RSVP Process. The site needed to be accessible on all devices to ensure guests, young and old could view it and respond there and then.

Our Solution:

I created a website invite that represented the tone of the session that was to follow. Three main things I wanted to achieve. Firstly I wanted the site to be a talking piece amongst guests, be something they weren’t expecting and make them anxious to see what the wedding would be like. Secondly I needed the site to be viewable on all as many devices as possible and finally I needed it to be fool proof! I wanted an idiot to be able to respond directly from the website.
I decided to build a single scrolling page with some animation, but not too much that it would take too long to load or confuse people. I created a interactive map that made it easy for guests to find the venue and styled it to match the colours of the site.
I designed an RSVP for that was intuitive and easy to navigate on a mobile device, using large buttons.

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