SiAn Records

SiAn Records

Plastic Hallway Provided

  • One-page Website
  • Autoscrolling capabilities
  • Digital Marketing Strategy

Label Website & Digital Marketing Strategy

Simon Rudd

Simon Rudd
SiAn Records

Andrew has a great understanding of how people browse then internet and help me set up marketing campaigns for a few of my acts.


Recoed Label looking for both a showcase website and marketing strategies for ther bands.


A website that look ahead of its time to showcase musicians and digital marketing campaigns that would get their music infront of a brand new audience.

Our Solution:

I created a stylish single page site to showcase my label and its acts. The site makes use of JQuery to scroll between elements.

We used customer profiling to pin point potential fans for each of their acts and put together a strategy to effectively get their message infront of these fans.


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