At Plastic Hallway we want to help businesses grow online and the best way to do this is to have a marketing strategy that places your brand message in front of your target market. Our strategies are designed to help you increase sales, while saving money on the wrong marketing campaigns.

Why Create a Marketing Strategy

Creating a successful marketing strategy will provide your business with the foundation it needs to start growing sales. Our marketing strategy will not only define what channels are the right ones to reach your target market, but will help refine the message to place in front of them. In some cases this may be straight forward, while others may be more intricate, multichannel campaigns with automation and segmentation of leads. What ever the outcome you will have a clear guide for marketing your business across all relevant channels.

Marketing Strategy Process

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  • Discuss your business goals
  • Discuss your current marketing strategy and what is and what isn’t working

  • Discuss who your current clients are, your new prospects, and strategies to target them
  • Discuss opportunities to generate leads from champions
  • Discuss what problems you are solving for your customers

  • Research and discuss your competition online and what marketing strategies they are using
  • After researching your competition, we will discuss any marketing opportunities their may be

  • Further research into topics covered in meetings

  • Based on the information we discussed in our previous meetings, we create a custom marketing strategy plan specific for your business
  • During our presentation, we will discuss which direction is best for your business

Marketing Strategy Deliverables

After presenting our findings and discussing best solutions for your business we will deliver a detailed document outlining all all our finding along with recommendations and guidelines on where and how to market your business successfully.

We will also provide you with a proposal for implementation of your strategy. You will not be obliged to hire us to implement the strategy and you will be able to take he final documents to a 3rd party agency if you so choose or you can implement them in house.

Our only incentive is to choose an implementation plan that gets you the highest results for your investment.

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