Is your web presence helping or hurting
your growth strategy?


Let me ask you a question

Is your web presence helping or hurting your growth strategy and more importantly why should you care?

You should care because you want to take your business to the next level but the truth is your web presence either isn’t aligned with your core message or your brand simply isn’t visible where it needs to be.

This is why you need your web presence audited.

I’m going to share with you our unique five-point web audit service and why you can’t expect rapid growth in your business unless you understand how well you’re performing in these 5 critical areas.



Scenario #1:
Your want to take your business to the next level.
But you’re not generating sales online.

Scenario #2
You main business is doing well.
But your website is costing you to maintain and showing no returns.

Scenario #3:
You believe that online is the future.
And you need professional help to harness it right.


#1 – Website Overview: Your website is your headquarters in the cloud. It is core to your online message and marketing efforts. We look at your brand, messaging, site design, functionality and how optimised it is for conversions.

#2 – SEO: Optimising Your Website for search engine visibility is vital to any business looking to succeed online. We analyse your domain authority, keywords you are ranking for and how optimised your web content is for your ideal search terms.

#3 – Local SEO: With the rise of mobile, Local SEO has become a valuable asset to your business. Over 50% of mobile web searches have local intent and if you’re not optimised for Local SEO then you are loosing customers.

#4 – Social Media: We look at your social media sites and see how they align with your brand and core message. We look at your posts and engagement level to see how effectively you are communicating that message.

#5 – Competitor Analysis: Finally and probably the most important point, we audit your 4 main competitors to see how your website compares against them, what Keywords and Adwords are driving traffic to their website and how many other website’s link to their sites.

Now, this isn’t something you can do on your own. Why? Because understanding your web presence requires a trained web marketing professional.

That’s where we come in!


  • Website Overview
  • SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Social Media
  • Competitor Analysis

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