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We help small businesses take advantage of the web to grow your revenue.

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Here at Plastic Hallway we are driven by the belief that all businesses should be able to harness the web to grow their revenue.

We are obsessed with levelling the playing field so that small companies can compete with their larger competitors.

How Are You Reaching Your Customers Online?

Most businesses approach the internet with the view of creating a brochure site where they only display their products and services.

Unfortunately, this adds little to no value to your business and leaves you with a costly website and little traction.

There is no thought put into how your customers will find your website and how they will interact with your content.

Common Misconceptions

You don’t need a website – You need a strategy

Before you hire your next web designer think about why you want a website.

Is it to display your wares or is it to grow your business?

A website is one of many platforms to get your message in front of your customers.

Unless you know what you are looking for it is unlikely you will get potential customers to your website and convert them into sales.

You don’t need more traffic – You need qualified leads

It is easy to drive traffic to a website, but if it isn’t the right traffic then it is of no value to your business.

Instead you need to look at attracting the right customers.

If you can attract people who are interested in what you have to offer to your site then it will be more likely they will convert when they reach your site.

How Are We Different?

Goal Driven Web Design V’s Design Driven Web Design

When designing a website we focus on increasing sales and conversions.

Rather than creating a site full of animations and gimmicks we look at the goals of your company and the needs of your customers and align those goals with our strategy.

This allows us to build a site that not only looks great, but that works as a powerful marketing tool for your company and one that generates income.

Revenue Strategy V’s Marketing Tactics

Implementing multiple digital marketing tactics will have a limited effect if you have no overall strategy in place.

Therefore we go through a series of discovery meetings with you to find out who you are and what makes your customers tick.

Only when we truly understand your business do we plan out a strategy to grow your revenue.

Inbound Marketing V’s Outbound Marketing

The traditional practice of interrupting people’s daily habits to force your brand message on them has become less and less effective as technology has evolved and more media outlets have appeared.

This makes outbound marketing more expensive and less effective. There is a more affordable and measurable option that allows you to establish a voice of influence and share your message on your customers’ terms.

Yes it’s slower, but it is more organic and the relationship created between your brand and your customers will be stronger for it.

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