Google has recently announced that they will be taking further measures to alert users of unsecured web pages, particularly any that have a web form. This means that if your website isn’t secure then it is likely users will leave without contacting you, signing up to your mailing list or buying your product. Ultimately resulting [...]

Your First 1000 Subscribers

I was at a web marketing talk last week and as seems to be common practice there is always an emphasis on social. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as I think a good social strategy is important for most businesses, but I always cringe when I hear so called social media experts encourage people [...]

Most people in Ireland now own a smart phone, yet only 46% of Irish SME websites are mobile friendly. This means that when someone tries to view one of those non-mobile friendly websites on their mobile or tablet, they will likely have a negative experience. Content will be hard to view and they will need [...]

One of the most common requests I get from clients is for image carousels. You know them. An image with text, slides out of the way to be replaced with a new image with more text, and so on. They are very popular and make an appearance on a huge number of websites across the [...]

How Is Your Mobile Web Presence?

Both mobile technology and internet technology has advance greatly in the last 10 years and with it mobile browsing use has grown at an alarming rate. Mobile internet use surpasses that of desktops, meaning that more people either are or soon will be viewing your website on a mobile phone than they do on a [...]