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Green Door Florist

Green Door Florist

Plastic Hallway Provided

  • E-commerce Website
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Organic Search


Green Door is a premium florist based in Clontarf, producing alternative floral solutions for both weddings and corporate clients. For Flower Delivery Dublin and Ireland customers can order online, through their webstore.


They had seen a steady decline in sales through their website and had noted a number of issues. Which they believed was preventing customers from completing sales.

They hired Plastic Hallway audit and optimise their website for conversions and to increase website traffic.


On inspection of the website it was clear the issue ran deeper than a few broken buttons, their site was taking over 15 seconds to load and web forms were not functioning properly. It was obvious that the site would never be perfect in its current state and optimising it would only prolong the inevitable.


We convinced the clients to allow us to rebuild the website on a different e-commerce platform where we were able to map out the user flow from scratch while staying true to their branding.

Once the site was launched and tested we set about increasing online visibility and driving online sales. The site has seen a 19% growth in search traffic from the same period last year, with a 169% increase in website conversions over the same period.


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