Get More Customers Through Your Website

A Non-Technical Guide to Planning a Website that Sells

What Makes a Website Sell?

It starts by attracting the right website visitors. It’s easy to drive people to your website, but unless they are people who want to do business with you and actually have the money to pay for it, then they are of little value to you.

But getting these qualified visitors to your website isn’t always easy and it’s only half the battle. The other half is converting them into leads.

What’s in This Guide?

In this eBook I dive into 14 steps that make up an effective business website. These steps cover the following areas, which together lead to more sales for less marketing spend:

  • Setting Goals & Defining Your Customers
  • Attracting The Right Visitors
  • Converting Visitors into Leads
  • Building Brand Loyalty

Who is This Guide For?

If you’re tired of paying to maintain a business website that has yet to generate revenue for your company, this guide will help you get to the root of why it’s not working for you. It will help you plan out a digital marketing strategy with your website at its core. You don’t need to be a web developer or digital marketing expert to use this guide. You can use the information in the eBook to plan your new site with your web agency, focusing on what is important and sidelining what isn’t.