Hostgator makes it easy to create a new website with their One-Click WordPress Installation.

What’s a one-click installation? It’s as simple as it sounds. Click a button, it creates a website for you.

Want More Details?

Keep reading below for the step-by-step tutorial I put together just for you.

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Step 1: Click the “Get Started Now!” Button On’s Home Page

Pretty Simple. Once you click my Hostgator affiliate link, click Get Started Now!

5 Min Site Step 1

Step 2: Scroll down the page and click the Sign Up Now! button under Hatchling Plan.

Don’t worry about the drop down menu right now. You can change the how long you want to commit to on the next page.

5 Min Site Step 2

Step 3: Type In Your Desired Domain Name

Here’s where you type in your desired domain name. If I were you, I’d try to stick with .com because it’s the most popular domain extension. If you already have a domain then you can click the tab above that says “I already own this domain”

5 Min Site Step 3

Step 4: Choose a Hosting plan.

Here you should make sure you have the hatchling plan selected, unless you want to set up multiple domains, in which you would should with the Baby Plan.

Then it’s time to select how long you want to purchace the hosting for. The longer you want to commit to the cheaper it will cost per month but you will have to pay for all of it upfront.

Enter a username and security pin.

5 Min Site Step 4

Step 5: Fill In Your Account Information

Here’s where you fill out your account details. You’ve got to pay for web hosting. It’s not free, but it is inexpensive, so you’ve got nothing to worry about.

5 Min Site Step 5

Step 6: Additional Services

Now you’ll get to a section on additional services. Your site will work without these but you will have a big headache if something goes wrong.

There is a lot of malware out there and website do get hacked everyday. If it ever happens to you then you will wish you did pay for back ups and malware protection as neither add a great deal onto the price of your hosting.

5 Min Site Step 6

Step 7: Enter Coupon FORNUM25

Use my coupon to get 25% off your Hosting

Coupon: FORNUM25

5 Min Site Step 7

Then review your order, check the T&C box and click Checkout Now

5 Min Site Step 8

Step 8: Get Account Info From Email

You will receive an demail from Hostgator with your Account info (it may take a few minutes).

In this email you will find a link to the Control Panel along with username and password. Keep these details safe.

Log into your control panel

Set Up WordPress in Less Than a Minute

Step 9: Create Your WordPress Website In Less Than A Minute…

Once you log in to the Control Panel, you should start seeing references to WordPress. Clicking on any of these will bring you to the install.

5 Min SiteSte 9

Step 10: Look for the Quick Inatall button.

If for whatever reason you don’t see any WordPress Install links then you can scroll down the page until you get to the Software/Services panel and click on Quick Install

5 Min Site Step 10

Step 11: Look for the WordPress button.

That will load a new page and in the left column Under Popular Installs click on WordPress

5 Min Site Step 11

Step 12: Click Install

Then in the section called Install WordPress for FREE click on the Install WordPressbutton

5 Min Site Step 12

Steo 13:Now it’s time to enter your website details

Firstly select your domain from the dropdown menu.

Leave the input to the right empty unless for your want to install wordpress in a sub directory eg.

Then enter your email address, The title of your website and the Admin Username.

A lot of sites by default set this to admin, but this makes it a little easier to hack, so I would give it a more relevant username.

5 Min Site Step 13

Step 14: Wait…

It will take a few seconds for WordPress to install. It will tell you when it is complete.

5 Min Site Step 14

Once complete you will see a button for Admin Login

That’s it you’re done!

You should bookmark the login page for your new site.

What do you do AFTER you’re done installing WordPress?

Read our WordPress Guide.

This guide picks up where we’re leaving off and will should you have to customise your new website and add and edit content