Follow our process to see how we will create and implement a winning marketing strategy.

See how we will deep-dive into your business, you competition, your market and your customers to create a winning marketing strategy for yo ur business.

Plastic Hallway’s Three Phase Marketing Strategy:

1.Research > 2.Strategy > 3.Implementation

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This highly overlooked step is key to the success of both your website and online marketing campaigns. It is our belief that creating a marketing plan for a business without first delving into your online presence and market is careless.

If you want to lead in your market, you need to first understand it. Before we start planning out an online marketing strategy for your business we gather data. This is far more then simple keyword research and market analysis. We get into the minds of your customers and see the world from their eyes.

Our emphasis is to identify exactly what your potential customers are not only searching for, but how they are searching and why. The intent behind why they are searching and most importantly, what Google thinks they are searching for is, the most important data to collect.

By getting into the mindset of your customers we can figure out their pain points and hot buttons; what sites they are visiting and what they are searching for: their intent. Knowing who your customers are is vital as you ultimately want buyers on your website, not browsers.

When we are doing our research sessions we we find out not only what your customers are asking for, but how your customers are asking for and if your website, marketing materials and offers match that tone. This is crucial because knowing the little details like this can increase your conversions dramatically.

Knowing these details will ensure your band will be in front of your audience at every stage of their buying cycle and will not only save you thousands of Euros but a huge amount of time too. Not only will your organise search rankings improve greatly but your Paid Search (PPC) costs will lower too.

Why Do We Do This?

  • To create an onsite content plan that is designed to gain organic rankings for your most important keywords and attract potential buyers to your website
  • To create more relevant content for your customer and increase conversions
  • To increase your Adword quality score which and lower your PPC costs
  • To create an organic marketing plan that attracts more buyers to your website
  • To design intention based sales funnels & campaigns for maximum lead acquisition and sales
  • To destroy your competition!

Final Deliverables Include:

Website Audit and Evaluation – We do a thorough analysis of your website to see what is working and what isn’t. We create a list of items needed to function most efficiently.

Online Presence Audit – We look at how you are viewed online, through your own social media sites as well as online in general and we write up suggestions on how to most effectively gain more online territory.

Competitive & Market Analysis – We evaluate your market to figure out who your main competitors are and how you stack up against them. This is always interesting, your main competition online may not be who you think it is.

Market Intention Deep Dive – Most digital marketing agencies overlook this process, yet it is probably the most important. What does Google think your buyers really mean when they enter a search term? If you the answer then your site will rank higher in search results and you will have a unfair advantage over your competitors.

In-depth Keyword Research – We will compile a list of some of the more powerful segments in your market and highlight which search terms and associated intentions should be used in your sales copy, offers and messaging.

Keyword Optimised URL Sitemap – We create a blueprint for you so that any marketing person you ever work with knows exactly which optimised pages on your website to send marketing traffic to depending on the keyword grouping you are advertising with. (IE: If you are Zappos, an ad for Men’s shoes would lead to a page on your website about men’s shoes and likewise, a woman searching for sparkly stilettos will be sent to the appropriate page.)

Title Research – We compile a list of content that we believe should be created in order for you to get the greatest benefits for the most conservative budget possible. This gives your marketing efforts a jumpstart.

Armed with the information gathered in the Research Phase we now go about creating a winning strategy for your business. While that data by itself is extremely valuable, knowing what to do with it will help you focus your marketing efforts and generate a higher return

This is where we meet with you in person to discuss our findings from the Research Phase and together we map out all of the ways we will use the data to meet and often exceed your goals.

We will map out a strategy that best suits the type of business you have, the stage of growth you are in and what your particular business model and goals are.

The deliverable will be relevant to your business strategy and will include some, if not all of the following:

Onsite Optimisation: We will give you all the information gathered in the Research Phase to optimise your website so that it function efficiently.

Offerings: Now that we have fresh perspective on what your target market is really looking for, we evaluate your offerings and work with you to restructure any that we feel need to be modified. This is also the time we will work with you to design new offerings when needed.

Sales Funnels: We work with you to design what we feel will be your highest converting sales funnels for your business.

Optimised URL Sitemap: After doing the Market Intention Deep Dive, we create a map for you showing which pages need to be added to your website and which keyword groups each page should be optimised for.

Marketing Campaigns: We work with you to determine the marketing strategies that we believe will have the greatest impact towards your success.

Content Calendar: Based on your goals and the findings from the Research Phase, we put together a content calendar that maps out the type of content you need to be producing to get the results you are looking for.

Nurture Sequences: We help map out the psychology that will be needed in the various nurture sequences attached to your sales funnels.

Implementation Timeline: After holistically looking at your data and goals, we put together an implementation timeline and help prioritize the order in which you should tackle initiatives so that you are can move into implementation with an actionable plan.

Now that we have all the data and a strategy on paper it’s time to bring everything to life.

This may include:

  • Web Development
  • Content Creation
  • Sales Funnel Implementations
  • Email Automation
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Search advertising campaigns
  • Social advertising campaigns
  • Retargeting campaigns

Our level of involvement is up to you. Some companies have large in house teams an don’t require much assistance, while other divide the work up and outsource some to us and some to other trusted third party vendors, managing the project in-house. Lastly some businesses choose to outsource the entire process to us, keeping no work in-house.

We will help you choose the best implementation strategy for your business.