Be Found Online

Most businesses are missing opportunities and loosing sales online, because they don’t understand how Google delivers search results. This leaves a savvy few to clean up.. More often than not websites are ranking for the wrong search terms and attracting the wrong visitors to their website.

Think like your customers

Instead of simply creating a products or services page and adding some text, then sitting back and hoping that Google will take notice, you need to approach your website’s content from your customer’s point of view. What are they looking for and what questions will they ask to get those answers.

Google reads every word of text on a page and uses many calculations to decide what is relevant and what is not. By researching we will help you determine what are the right tactics needed to attract your desired customers and not only get them to visit your site but turn them into paying customers.

Organic Search Marketing

Search marketing is so much more that adding keywords to your site and hoping you will appear on the first page of Google for those search terms. Google reads every page on your website and looks to see how relevant your content is to the person searching. It also looks at how relevant and important your site is within that industry. For this reason approaching SEO with a few tactics rarely works and will lead to wasted time and opportunities.

We create a search marketing strategy based on your business and customer needs. We then start with your website content, ensure that it is relevant to your customers and the keywords they are searching before moving onto additional tactics.

Site Optimisation

There is no point in trying to drive more visitors to your website if only 1% convert into customers. By starting with your websites, content and layout we will look to increase onsite conversions. As a increase of as little as 1% to 2% conversion is the equivalent of doubling the number of visitors to your site.

Local Search

With the growth of mobile browsing, local search is becoming more important that ever. We will create a strategy to ensure that your company is visible on Google maps and ranks highly for the desired keywords in your local town or city.

Paid Search

People who arrive at your site through Google tend to be ready to buy. Unlike Facebook, Google search ads are displayed to people who are looking for an item relative to your ad and are much more likely to buy from your site. By focusing on the right search terms and creating relevant landing pages we can get you new leads the moment your ads go live.

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